Dear Jeremy,

Thanks for this info. Unfortunally I use 3d max, so I am not able to use it,
but is it just another reason to switch over to Maya..

I am very curious about the ascb image library!


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Hey gnsi'ers,

I wanted to give a big thank you, to the gnsi community!  I just came  
back from the recent ascb meeting where I saw gael mcgill finally  
release "molecular maya" the toolkit for Maya, which is free for  
anyone using Maya and finally finally available! (Academic licenses  
for Maya are $350, although, molecular Maya is free, it requires  
Maya.) Check out and check out the  

At the conference, I heard lots of great feedback about the bioviz  
listserv and the broad range of participents, probably half of which,  
I'm guessing, come from the gnsi listserv.  So thanks for helping me  
with  I appreciate all the gnsi'ers around  
the world that have joined and provided input. I realize this bio viz  
interest group is probably outside general gnsi territory, but I think  
it's relevent, and it has been influenced from the gnsi listserv and  
it's members.

Thank you!

I wanted to also fill you in on the upcoming, publicly available, ascb  
image library, for cell biology images including microscopy,  
animation, video, illustrations and other data relating to cell  
biology, thanks to an arra grant and the blood, sweat and te It's  
bound to become a great reference for the community. It's being built  
on the open source "open microscopy environment", omero.

More to come...

Thank you,


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