I agree with you, Mieke.  Your diverse portfolio also suggests that you adapt to new challenges, and that is a major plus since you succeed at your projects. Some people want life to be a little too predictable.

Off to work on this, so far, -3 F and tanking day. With big snow storm predicted for New Year's weekend. So I'll say now: may you all, every one, enjoy a great start to a successful new year.  I will be busy this weekend learning the details of conservation easements -- have started negotiations with the university to turn my land into a wildlife sanctuary. It is good wilderness, and the trampled snow indicates that my driveway is a fast lane highway for a couple of large and one smaller moose.  Lots to learn, much careful work to do...  joan

Lazy people pigeon-hole others. 

On Dec 30, 2009, at 10:25 AM, Mieke Roth wrote:

 I once got a remark from an editor of an US magazine that my portfolio on science-art is too diverse. 


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