I haven't spoken up in a while, but I know you guys are the best people to ask this. I was out in the woods today looking for deer antlers, and while I didn't find any antlers, I did find two segments of a spine with four vertebrae each. They look like they'd been there a while as they are white with very little tissue still attached, mostly on the tips. While perusing the archives I see people have used boiling water to remove the meat or peroxide to whiten the cleaned bones, and that bleach is bad. With so little material left on the bones, what is the best way to get rid of it? Gentle scrubbing? with water?

I'd also like to figure out what animal they came from, if possible. I'm guessing something coyote-sized. Are there any online resources I can check out?

Thanks so much!

Heather Ward
Wildlife Artist
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