Hi All:
Ok, I'm intrigued with the reviews/descriptions of both the Staedtler pigment liner and the Pitt pens. I wish I had a walk-in store, to find some in open stock. They mostly come in sets from the larger mail-order stores.

The Pitt Pens describe their product as waterproof, unsurpassably lightfast, acid-free and pH-neutral.
The Staedtler's pigmented ink with indelible ink (corresponding to ISO 14145-2) is lightfast, waterproof, chemical and solvent-resistant, smudgeproof and non-erasable. (plus the feature that allows them not to leak on airplanes)

The Staedtler pigment liners are the hardest to find, Blick has them in a set. I'll have to try some.. you've all got my interest peaked, now.

Dave, were those the one's you spoke of in February? I wrote it down, now can't find those notes.?
Glendon, I can't find a reference to the "S" tips, is this something different from the regular "superfine"tip?

Thanks for keeping us all on our toes with new products.
(I sure miss driving by the Daniel Smith store every day......sigh.)

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Wendy Beth Jackelow wrote:
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Dear Kathleen, Dave, Linda, Jim and Glendon,

Thank you all for your quick feedback about the pens.

I often do the pen and ink digitally, but lately I miss drawing with an actual pen on paper (so 20th century!).
The project I am working on is just line work, so I got to thinking that maybe drawing it out
on real paper with ink and then scanning it would be more fun. Then I started thinking about
those Pitt pens...

I can give it a try and see how I like the results. There aren't too many images--most are rather simple--
so it might be worth the experiment.

Thanks again!

Take care,

PS Linda, I used to use the Staedler Mars pens too! When I couldn't find them any more I made the switch to the rapidographs as well.
Also, Jim, I never knew Tim used the pigma micron pens--I thought he used a bottle of ink and a pen with a nib--I am really surprised!



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