Hi Lore and helpful all,

I also would appreciate hearing more experienced artists, thoughts about 
printers. If one has Windows 7 on a PC, and is adding a creative suite 
(probably CS4) ... what good (but on the inexpensive side) printer would be 
compatable? Not planning to make and sell prints, but for in-studio use 
preparing art.

Lore, You are diplomatic about the tone of the curator's post. Like Britt 
and Linda, I see no wrong in selling reproductions of popular images. I buy 
beautifully illustrated books. But I do especially enjoy the originals 
hanging on my walls.

Thanks,  Annie

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 This post and discussion was very timely for me since I am about to replace 
my old printer. I am trying to decide whether to buy an Epson R2880 to make 
prints and cards, or whether to have a print shop print my work (and just 
get a cheap printer for everyday needs). I am just at the beginning phases 
of marketing my work.
 Any thoughts on the trade-offs?
 And although the author of the article was kind of a ... well, irritating 
... i gotta agree that prints on canvas are cheesy!

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