Hi All: I remember someone asking about something similar maybe last year, but can't find it in archives.

I created an AI-CS2 file with multiple layers with each layer having an individual linked image. One layer overlays all the others, as a sort of "master sheet", showing some file identification and cropping guides for all 8 illustrations. When I make a pdf, only the master sheet and one illustration layer is visible, all the other layers are turned off.

Today, I updated all the linked images.
Now, the Illustrator CS2 started making horrible pdf files. Last week or so they were fine. As of today, when I substituted a "placed" jpeg file with an updated drawing, and after saving that layer as a PDF (under SAVE AS). The resulting PDF files show all the linked images as a heavy gray square and the pencil line drawing is multicolored. (they were scanned grayscale). It's like they are grossly overexposed or something. The master sheet with text is fine.
I select "Smallest File" under the PDF choices, and deselect future editing capabilities.

Anyone have a clue what is happening?
I can sent samples off list if that is helpful.
thank you.
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