Hi All,
If you want to beat the late registration fee, you need to get those 
registration forms postmarked by June 4.

There are only two spaces left in Trudy's workshop, so if you want to 
take that one, you best get that form in quick.

We have an diverse selection of presentations Monday through Wednesday 
and quite a nice range of digitally oriented, scientifically oriented, 
and fine art oriented workshops on Thursday through Saturday. I, 
personally, really want to take that oil painting class and I would 
really like to learn how John Cody does those backgrounds and I would 
love to watch Dick Rauh's hand work in watercolor. Sigh, I can't be 
everywhere at once, so those of you who take those workshops, please 
tell me all about them.

You can also get a special tour to see the lemurs, visit several of our 
botanical gardens, watch the great cats (which is really, really awe 
inspiring), go kayaking on one of our rivers, visit a bunch of museums 
(like a behind the scenes tour at our new Museum of Art) and there are a 
ton of other field trips to go on, too.

Travel to Raleigh and NCSU is easy. We are maybe three miles from I-40, 
7 minutes from the train station, and 15-20 minutes from the airport.

The apartments are new and quite nice. They have small kitchenette's, 
that you can cook in (you'll need to bring things to cook in and with, 
and utensils). There is air conditioning all over everywhere. (I kinda 
doubt that a business exists in Raleigh without air conditioning.)

For those of you who are coming, remember to ransack your studio for 
those unused items and bring them to the auction and get creative with 
those artist's trading cards that we'll be trading at the banquet.

Please don't hesitate to call me or email me with any questions large or 

Patricia Savage
816 Valerie Dr.
Raleigh, NC 27606
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