Thank you, Britt. I cannot explain "horrible" unless a total dark gray square with the pencil drawing so "overexposed" that it's extremely distorted and multicolored.

In Illustrator, I'm just doing a label and a black ruled square in Illustrator and placing a jpeg behind the ruled square, showing where I'd crop it. I have nearly 40 illustration draft sketches. I grouped them to size, because in groups of 5-8 per AI document, they have the same code numbers, and I wanted consistency with the cropping. I chose the "Smallest" size pdf document because of sending them electronically.

I'm not doing anything to the file after it is opened in Acrobat. Even the thumbnail in the finder window shows the gray square where there should be none.

I found a way around it, but it has not explained why one day it's fine, and the next day things have somehow altered.
(The work-around is to save it as a pdf using the "Illustrator Default" setting, and DEselect the "preserve editing abilities". It then goes to a 500kb file rather than a 2.7MB file.

I'll send you the before and after versions.
You are very kind.
Linda M. Feltner Artist, LLC
P.O. Box 325
Hereford, AZ 85615
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Britt Griswold wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">What is your definition of Horrible?

Are you doing all your work in Illustrator or are you also doing something in Acrobat after Export?

If you want to send me the project zipped up, via YouSendIt. I can have a look.


On 5/5/10 5:48 PM, Linda Feltner wrote:
Hi All: I remember someone asking about something similar maybe last
year, but can't find it in archives.

I created an AI-CS2 file with multiple layers with each layer having an
individual linked image. One layer overlays all the others, as a sort of
"master sheet", showing some file identification and cropping guides for
all 8 illustrations. When I make a pdf, only the master sheet and one
illustration layer is visible, all the other layers are turned off.

Today, I updated all the linked images.
Now, the Illustrator CS2 started making horrible pdf files. Last week or
so they were fine. As of today, when I substituted a "placed" jpeg file
with an updated drawing, and after saving that layer as a PDF (under
SAVE AS). The resulting PDF files show all the linked images as a heavy
gray square and the pencil line drawing is multicolored. (they were
scanned grayscale). It's like they are grossly overexposed or something.
The master sheet with text is fine.
I select "Smallest File" under the PDF choices, and deselect future
editing capabilities.

Anyone have a clue what is happening?
I can sent samples off list if that is helpful.
thank you.

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