I am painting directly on antique engravings. Thanks for the compliment to my 
painting skill. The real beauty is that of the original botanical artist who drew 
the plant and then arranged (what could have been a jumble of leaves, 
swirling stems, roots, blooms, chunk of turf, etc) all so beautifully on the 
page!  Gee and what about the engraver?  I took one semester of printmaking 
many years ago in college. SO much physical work!! I imagine back then 
botanical artist was also engraver?

Cynthia Padilla, botanical workshop/retreats across TX, NM, CO, CT, MA, MO, 
KS, Canada, Central America, Internationally:

>Out of curiosity -- are you working directly on rare manuscripts or a
>print of the manuscript? They are beautiful.
>Patricia Savage

>> On 5/5/10 1:33 PM, Cynthia Padilla wrote:
>Wanted to share with you some of the work I do,.Hand-coloring rare, 
antique, botanical prints& engravings.
> Cynthia

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