I am have this problem as well. Sometimes much more content comes
through as code than text. There may be as many as 10000 lines for
only a few lines of message text. Horrible to wade through. Within a
single digest email there is a mix of "clean" messages and "coded"
messages that include all the html formatting, and I receive other
messages that include html-formatted content just fine, so I'm
presuming the problem is not with the settings of my browser.

I've also opened up coded messages (from a digest email) in
Dreamweaver to look at them, and the code is often partially garbled
and/or incomplete. So, something odd is happening to these messages as
they are bundled into digest mode?

It appears that this might be a MIME format issue with the person who
is responding to a SCIART_L email from a browser not set to
read/translate MIME format messages?

I don't understand it enough to know what questions to ask. Britt, can
you help with parsing this problem?


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>  2. garbled messages

> Date:    Wed, 5 May 2010 09:34:50 -0400
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> Subject: garbled messages
> I'm no computer expert, but I >think< what Maria and I are reporting is a
> combination of some sort of computer glitch and the result of people
> replying to the digest without "trimming."  Hmm, by the way, it isn't one
> particular person, it's almost everyone, so maybe it is some sort of glitch.
> I always trim my replies here, but there is so much gibberish in between
> messages that I can't even tell if my messages are full of gibberish or not.
> What I get is a readable message with heading, following by what I think is
> the entire previous digest, or whatever digest the person is replying to, in
> what I take to be html gibberish.  When the digest is long, this can go on
> for pages and pages, making it practically impossible to find the messages I
> know are there, unless I scroll through for literally several minutes.  So
> sometimes I just delete the whole thing.
> best, Julia Morgan Scott
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