What version did you upgrade from? If you upgraded from a much older version
of Photoshop, is it possible that you¹re not familiar with ³tabs²? Instead
of opening each image in a separate window, several images might be stacked
on top of one another, accessible by clicking the tabs at the top of the
window. It appears as just a single window, but all of the images are in
fact open.

I remember this drove me crazy the first time I encountered it in CS3 or 4.
I still prefer the old method of having each image open in its own window
(especially because I frequently need to be able to see multiple images at
once). I discovered that you can grab the tabs and ³tear off² each image
into its own window.

This is just a guess, of course. Maybe CS5 really isn¹t letting you open
multiple images. That would be very odd.


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Conversation: [SCIART] Photoshop CS5 troubles
Subject: [SCIART] Photoshop CS5 troubles

Hi all,
I just installed the CS5 suite, and Photoshop is driving me crazy by
refusing to keep more than one window open.  When I open another file
the first one automatically closes.  I'v tried every approach I can
think of, and could find nothing promising in Preferences.  Help!
Thanks in advance,

Marlene Hill Donnelly
Scientific Illustrator, Dept. of Geology
Field Museum
(312) 665-7638

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