Gail, check to see if there are photos in the "extra" files.  If not, simply delete them from the recording card (the card that goes into the camera.)  To do so, insert the card in the camera and use the "format" function in the camera's menu to delete all information on the card.  Before doing this, of course, make certain you have all the photos downloaded and backed up somewhere, like a separate external hard drive. 

I'm not certain what the folders are, but they seem to be date folders inserted onto the card by the camera's recording function.  Although truthfully the descriptions attached to the folders are not always so clearly marked.  I began finding these accidentally when I, too, began to use Bridge to download photos. 

Previously, I'd been using the download function in IDImager, a DAM program I've used to sort and label photos after downloading.  A program that has begun to lose it's appeal, as those functions are so much easier to use in Bridge.  Including downloading.  Especially since Bridge will convert my Pentax RAW images to DNGs, the latter being much easier to handle as there is no "sidecar" file to remember to transfer if the image is moved in my files.

It's great to be able to download, add meta data and so on, open in ACR, then transfer image to Photoshop, all inside the same program.

Good luck,

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Hi -
I used Bridge to import photos from my camera; the process went smoothly but I ended up with five extra folders that all contain .exe files. What are these files for and do I need to keep them? I'm on a Mac; I know .exe files are Windows-based, so I'm thinking I do not need them, but I am reluctant to toss them out without knowing for sure. It seems like a lot of extra data to be saddled with.

The photos are for my own library.

Thanks in advance,

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