I'll jump in here, too. Barry expressed my thoughts perfectly, earlier. 

I have lots of peeves regarding bird illustrations. But as Ron just pointed out, also, there are currently more resources out there for the "casual" bird artist, not just the seriously-detailed-oriented-bird-artist. 
There are now on-line spread wing collections that provide much more information than a museum specimen, simply because you can't open a wing on a dried specimen. 
Example: http://www.pugetsound.edu/academics/academic-resources/slater-museum/biodiversity-resources/birds/wing-image-collection/

Also, all one has to do is Search the web, Youtube, Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, Birds of the World, and find video, stills, and voice recordings. Amazing resources that we didn't have access to a decade ago. 

Now that some of us are not hunters, we have gained a greater knowledge of birds through observation as well as photography. Early pioneers of photography (Muybridge, Hoskins, Cruickshank, Porter among a few) showed us movement, allowing us to study the aerodynamics and mechanisms of flight. 

Digital photography and video has allowed a vast number of photos to provide us with information. All one has to do now is go to Youtube and search, and their collection of videos is amazing. There are even "nesting bird cams". What a great way to observe behavior, if you're not an avid birder or ornithologist.

There is really no excuse any more for one to just replicate a single photograph or build upon someone's previous illustration. 

The internet has changed so much in this field. 


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On Feb 14, 2011, at 1:24 PM, Barry K. MacKay wrote:

Oh...don't get me started...

Okay, not really "scientific" art, but still...

My peeve, being a bird (and other wildlife species) artist is the
illustrators who slavishly copy photographs of birds without any
understanding of what is going on.  


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