First rule of thumb in PPT preparation: if you are presenting or handing off a PPT presentation to a PC (e.g., client) it is best to build natively PC to PC.
This can be done on a Mac via Parallels or something like Parallels...that way, you don't have to buy a PC. :)
Re: it avoids serious headaches ranging from incompatibility issues to it not working whatsoever.
Drawback: you will have to buy Parallels, Windows 7, and Microsoft Office 2010 -- which kicks PPT 2008 to the curbside. Yes, you read me correctly there. I can't speak to 2011 on the Mac (yet), but my hope is that it at least gets half of the capabilities that 2010 provides.

To play it safe, I concur with Jennifer Landin: you could export your presentation as a PDF. And to make it look 'pretty', you can open up the PDF and then go through the quick process of building in transitions (e.g., fades, pushes) and have it launch full screen upon launch so it sort of operates like a PPT presentation. Just have to be sure the recipient computer has Acrobat Reader (and the more current, the better).

A PPS (power point show), as Kathy's guru mentioned, will only launch the PPT file directly into Slide Show mode. It is still launching PowerPoint. Just a word of caution there.

Just a few thoughts.


On Feb 17, 2011, at 6:30 AM, Linda Feltner wrote:

Last year I had difficulties in showing a Powerpoint presentation on a PC. I had it on a flash drive as well as a CD. We eventually ran it from my laptop, but every time it went to sleep the program froze, and had to be booted up. 

This year, I have a new laptop. 
And I have Office 2008 for Mac version of PPT. 

Is there a bette way to save it, or Export it for PC?

The manager mentioned to me "you may also try to export your keynote presentation as a powerpoint presentation. You would export as a PPT presentation to your flash drive not a "save as" but "export as".

They also recommended I "save a Mac presentation to a flash drive so it's compatible with a Windows PC, this is preferable."

Well, I didn't think flash drives were Mac or PC in formatting. So I don't know how to do that. I also create the presentation IN powerpoint, I don't know any other way to make a "keynote presentation", is that something new I just don't know about?

Any ideas or comments?

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