I am a biologist and completely agree with Britt.  You would have to make some 
pretty significant contributions to the article in order to be listed as a 
co-author or contributor other than illustrator.  Scientists tend to be very, 
very territorial about their published research.  Might not be fair but that's 
the way it is.

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Subject: Re: [SCIART] Artist and Author of paper

I would say if your independent knowledge as science person and your exploration 
of the specimens 

provided significant new information that contributed to the actual research, 
and the results of the 

"discoveries" were in the form of illustrations, an author mention would be 
appropriate. Especially 

if there are more than just one or two scientists listed. If you are 
illustrating the scientist's 

discoveries, then illustrator acknowledgment would be appropriate.

If on the other hand asking for author credit is going to put a kink in you 
ability to make a living 

as an illustrator, then take the acknowledgment and move on.


On 2/4/11 5:48 PM, [log in to unmask] wrote:
> Hello,
> My illustrations are finally about to be published in a journal. Since I worked 
>on the layout and
> titles/figure numbers for my illustrations the 'scientist' said he would add my 
>name to the list of
> authors a couple years ago. I just got the draft today, of course he didn't 
>include me in the list
> of authors but just in the acknowledgements as an illustrator. Either he 
>forgot, or perhaps thought
> this wasn't fair, since I didn't write any parts of the article.
> It seems like it would be very generous to add me to the list of authors when 
>it's about a 48 page
> article, and someone else did a few of the illustrations.
> I'm curious if any of you have been listed as authors for journal articles, or 
>if you have just been
> 'acknowledged?'
> I do have a science background so I'm perhaps a bit different than some, 
>however, I didn't provide
> any info. for the written portion of the paper.
> Thanks,
> Jan

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