I cleared up the authorship issue with the scientist.  He said that they worked on the results for the article for 10 years, so he is very attached to his name and his technician's to be listed as the 2 authors.  However, he will acknowledge my work on the layout for my figures in the acknowledgements and will compensate me for the extra time.  So this is great.

Now, the final issue, is that he is going to drastically shrink my art by more than 50% to get the figures to fit in two columns.  Initially we had done lots of planning on the size of the figures and the size of the labels in the expectation that they would not be shrunk! I'm also concerned about the integrity of the art, as these are stippled illustrations.  The stipples may blur together with such a huge reduction in size.  Part of the size issue, is I have so much white space on my Illustrator layout page that this reduces the size even more.  Can illustrators ever say that their illustrations were shrunk in production?

Any suggestions?  I'm assuming he has to pay for each published page, and the whole article in manuscript form is about 34 pages, so it may be longer than he had expected.  Perhaps I could subtract some of my pay to pay for an extra page for my drawings?


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