Join us for a peek into the Illustration history of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

Presentation: Wilfred J. Jones, 1868 - 1968

As a child Wilfred J. Jones taught himself to read. And while there was no money for him to study 
art formally, still as a schoolboy, he examined details of classical and antique sculpture and 
paintings and then drew them.

As a young man, his interest in higher mathematics expanded to geometry in art, inspiring him to 
make geometric analysis of paintings by the masters. It eventually revealed that however figurative 
the picture, composition in art followed the principals of geometry very closely.

Fascinated by the scientific principles of color as set forth by Seurat and Césanne, he performed 
his own experiments to test the theories for himself.

He worked as designer and illustrator for some of the leading publishers of his day.

A painter, a wood carver, a poet, an author, and so much more, Wilfred John Jones would become one 
of America’s foremost illustrators of his time.

Come hear more about this amazing individual and see some of his original works in a presentation by 
his grandson, Paul Rusk Greenhall.

Wednesday, May 18th at 6:00 PM
In the Cathy Kerby Room of the NMNH
(3rd Floor, East Court, phone: 202-633-2000)
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