HI All: 
Is there any newer product out there that you've tried, that is better than the MasquePen and Shiva Masking liquid, for use on watercolor paper? I've used both, and some others way back (like the Incredible something-or-other). 

I've heard that if one first coats a small brush with dishwashing liquid, it won't ruin the brush, using it in a latex based mask. I've never tried it, but am always looking for better ways to apply masking liquid. I've tried those "incredible nibs", toothpicks, cheap brushes.... 
I've clogged more Masquepens than I care to admit, even when I clean them thoroughly....can't figure it. 

always looking for a successful technique.
Thanks in advance,
Linda M. Feltner Artist, LLC
P.O. Box 325
Hereford, AZ 85615
(520) 803-0538


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