And that's why I was saying paintings are a secondary source for
clothing, not a primary source. :)


On Thu, Dec 6, 2012, at 01:40 PM, Kim Karr wrote:
> The other issue with using paintings is that subject matter in the
> painting needs to be considered also.  There are some great images from
> the late 14th, early 15th century out there that are of subjects far
> removed in countries the painter never traveled.  The major characters
> become who they are out of imagination only...
> In general, if its religious in nature and you want to use it for
> documentation for clothing, you have to step back and look more at the
> people in the periphery and less at the major historical
> characters--because those characters are often dressed in what the
> painter "imagines" those persons would have looked like and would give
> the impression that they were ancient and venerable.
> I think trying to figure it all out, though, is half the fun at looking
> at medieval art!  Paintings can be a good source, so long as you can
> interpret and compare to other similar pieces.  I like to see something
> in several paintings in a time period before I start to see it as a
> generally practiced type of clothing style.
> Aislinn
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