Jeff, I think it's hard for any act like what happened in Newtown to pass
the 'smell test' of rational people in the outside. Understanding what goes
through the mind of a gunman who would kill innocent adults and children
alike is outside most people's realm of experience by miles and miles.

That doesn't meant the shooting is part of a deeper conspiracy.

Bruce is right: your military already has the power to enforce a military
dictatorship but happily the will is not there, despite any disturbing
actions or patterns people might see.

As a Canadian like Barry, I'm happy to hear your President open the
discussion about more gun control. The two things I can never wrap my head
around about American culture is the opposition to gay marriage and the gun

There's a picture floating around Facebook these days being credited to
astronomer Neil deGrasse Tyson saying something to the effect of "Wal-Mart
won't sell CDs with explicit language but you can buy an assault rifle".

I hope there's no conspiracy to take away American citizen's guns: I hope
there's simply the will of the people to place limits on the ease of
acquiring a gun in the first place.

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Glendon Mellow
Art in Awe of Science

Glendon Mellow
Art in Awe of Science

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