Thank you, Gail!


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Google Nomad Brush Stylus; I think several places sell them, Amazon maybe? there are other brands, too, and one with short and the long bristles -- but one reviewer said the short didn't work very well. i was surprised how responsive the long bristles were.


On 12/28/12 6:24 PM, Maia B W Sanders wrote:
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Gail, where did you find the brush stylus? We could use one for practicing Chinese calligraphy. It might be easier than the pen stylus.


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Try Brushes - if you were at the Savannah conference, you saw Oliver Uberti demo a Quicktime movie of sketches he did on his iPad using Brushes. It's fun to use, quite versatile, and you can export the sketch to your desktop and watch it develop. For Christmas I got a brush stylus that I've just played a little with; it's a stylus with actual paintbrush-type bristles, really nice so far.

I use Docs-To-Go to open and edit (and create) Microsoft files (Word, Excel) and pdf files too. Keynote works great for presentations. Calculator Pro is a regular calculator in portrait mode and a scientific calculator in landscape. GoodReader seems to open a lot of files, it's more complex than I have ever used but it does come in handy. PSD viewer opens Photoshop files. Klammer opens email attachments that aren't otherwise compatible with iPad. I use iSwifter as a web browser to open sites with Flash pages.

i just downloaded Evernote, haven't gotten into it yet. It is a note-taking program, and will record audio notes. Dropbox works great; I have You SendIt but haven't used it yet.

I have Kindle and iBooks, both are great. Loads of freebie books if you like the classics!

nd of course Angry Birds (Angry Birds Space is a hoot).
Mahjongg, crosswords, solitaire; my daughter downloaded Texas Hold'em, I don't play it. Gas Buddy and Poynt for prices and finding local restaurants, etc.


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Hi Patricia and all
I love my ipad too, but on long field trips it certainly does not replace my laptop ... wish it did, next time I may try the Android tablet.
Anyway, I got the ipad without 3G because I did not want to pay another bill.
I wirelessly tether the ipad to my iphone and use the iphone data .... only one phone bill :)
Another app I use is 'Pages' for documents with pics, its fun but can play up sometimes (of course that may be me)..... not sure if I should spend more on a proper journal program .... any suggestions?
my deep sympathies to Dorie and all of Newtown 
......... Mali
ps. have not forgotten Madang pics, I will be back home to do this in Feb
I have totally regretted not just spending the extra money and buying the version that allows you to get online anywhere. You won't regret it.

For others of you who have iPads, what other apps do you find useful or just plain cool?

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