Congratulations to you both, Consie and Laurie! No "shameless self-promotion" at all involved in this, your hard work and success richly deserve the kudos.

We'd like to see/hear a whole orchestra of horn-tooting!


On 12/2/12 11:54 AM, Consie Powell wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite"> Beautiful treatment of a complex subject, Laurie! Congratulations...

And it IS exciting to have your book put on the list... I'm experiencing a bit of that myself right now. So, since you are, wonderfully, tooting your horn, can I join in, and we'll make it a duet?

So here's my shameless self promotions: My book "Nature's Patchwork Quilt: Understanding Habitats" (written by Mary Miche, published by Dawn Publications) is also on that list this year. I'm tickled! If you'd like to take a look, here's a link:

My jaunt to Washington for the 2011 GNSI meeting was also a habitat work trip; it was there that I could sketch and photograph, first-hand, the one habitat (northwest temperate rainforest) that I'd not yet added to my visual and artistic arsenal. (I've had lots of time in Appalachian temperate rainforests, but not the northwest, and northwest was the one the publisher preferred). Needless to say, the illustrations (I think I ultimately counted well over 750 different illustrations - even tho most of them are quite small - for making these quilts). A fun, fun project...


On 11/30/12 6:44 PM, Laurie O'Keefe wrote:
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Laurie O'Keefe
Medical/Biological Illustrations
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Hi everyone, I guess this info. might best be suited for the "shameless" self promotion category, but I just found out this week that a children's book I illustrated was named to the NSTA 2013 list of Outstanding Science Trade Books. The National Science Teacher's Association ( NSTA) in combination with the Children's Book Council (CBC) collaborate each year to choose top reads for grade K-12 that promote science and literacy. The book is called "Gopher to the Rescue! A Volcano Recovery story", published by Sylvan Dell Publishing and written by Terry Jennings. I donated some copies to the GNSI auction at the meeting this past summer, so some of you may have seen it there ( or may even have a copy, "Gretchen"). If you want a glimpse of the artwork and general story you can look it up on Amazon, or go to the publishers website to find out more details. 

Here is the link to the NSTA site that shows the list and short description of the books that won:

Here is the Amazon link that shows selected inside pages and reviews:

I suppose having been in the illustration field for 20+ years, I am kind of late to this genre considering this was my first official illustrated children's picture book. Better late than never ( but I'm close!). Also, just so you know, I actually contacted the publisher when they were soliciting for scientific illustrations after posting it on this listserv a few years back. SOOOOOO, my extreme gratitude to this list with all of your generous input and all the opportunity it creates. 



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