You might want to talk to the folks at a free on-line chat group called Amien which is short of Art Materials Information and Education Network. Many of the members and most of the Board of Directors are conservationists or work for art museums and ASTM. Someone in that group may be able to help you or point you to someone who could.

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On 12/26/12 3:51 PM, Linda Feltner wrote:
[log in to unmask]" type="cite">Hi Karen, and thanks.
I'd love to know what you've got, when you have the chance. 

Not much room around the ferrule, but if thin enough, maybe capillary action might work.  Iv'e got gorilla glue, what would thin it?

Yes, I like the "wash" brushes for softness. Don't want a bright. Then they have Flat Washes (go figure). 

I have heard of Cornelissen (Diagon Alley-just my sort of place), never been in there, tho. 
If I were going to purchase a 100% red sable brush that size and length, I would shop around and ask questions, and handle it if I could. Daniel Smith walk-in store used to let you dip the brushes in water to get rid of the sizing (very nice).

I was just browsing the blends, so I can fill out an order before the end of year. Still, not willing to throw money at a brush without questions.

Super thanks,
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On Dec 26, 2012, at 1:37 PM, Karen Ackoff wrote:

Is there sufficient space around the ferrule that you could use a during to inject glue? Either a thin crazy glue (try nail glue as it's meant to get into small spaces via capillary-type action). Or try thinning a little gorilla glue. Or could you work a little plasticine in there to fill the gap?

I'm assuming you would want a wash brush - they have a softer edge. Flats or even brights will have a more defined edge. I have a not-expensive wash brush, at least not $226 on sale, that sounds kind of like yours. Don't have it at hand but can check it out when I have a chance. 

Or call a knowledgeable store - such as Cornelissen in London. They have their own line of brushes. They are not a catalog store and carry only painting supplies and pigments - looks like a shop in Diagon Alley (Harry potter). I would trust their advice. Or try Paper & Ink Arts or John Neal Bookseller. Both have knowledgeable staff. 




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