I have often had the same thought.

*Queen Catalina*

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> Where is the "like" button for these awesome stories?
> Nina
> On Jun 28, 2013, at 9:30 AM, Jenna <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> > Some years ago it was discovered that a certain wild mouse, hight
> Nibbles, had chewed his way into Jenna's dehydrator and was really living
> it up.  A few years later it was discovered that he (and or his
> descendants) had gotten into a stash of hot peppers and even tried to eat
> the label off a bottle of Jack Daniels in the pursuit of a very decadent
> lifestyle.  Yesterday while searching our vast luggage collection it was
> discovered proof that Nibbles did indeed sire descendants.  For between two
> LL Bean duffle bags was a truly grand mouse nest, and an absolutely
> stunning stash of hot peppers that had been laboriously transported one
> pepper at a time from the other side of the garage to provide for the
> little mother and the next generation of Nibbles.
> >
> > Occupants had departed long before, so the nest peppers and no less than
> four ruined duffle bags got popped in the trash.  Which leaves only about a
> dozen duffle bags or so.
> >
> > Jenna