there is ALWAYS a story when Pavel is involved......

short answer: Drive by Archery is a bunch of guys in the back of a pick up
barreling down a country road in the bed of a pick up shooting archery at
targets that appear along the side of said road.  Targets are set back from
the road so that you dont have a long time to shoot before they are
swallowed up by the passing woods.

Inspired by the Oriental practice of shooting three targets from horseback
at a gallop, I believe it was a staple of the Blood of Hero's events.

Franz (sitting at Fiondel's computer cus it was hooked up to the needed

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> Okay, what is "Drive-by Archery"? Is there a Pavel story in this?
> Thanks,
>    Stefan
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> > Will there be Drive-by Archery, a big bonfire, a keg of non-S beer,
> traffic cones, chocolate chip cookie dough, maybe even a cannon?  I'm
> thinking too hot for dachshund races or a hot tub.
> >
> > Jenna
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