Greetings to the list, from Elasait ingen Diarmata, sometime Fourth 
Company assistant:

So, there was supposed to be a drawing at court yesterday to determine 
the winner of the Fourth Company raffle, for the fabulous camp feast 
gear set made by an assortment of wonderful and generous Calontir 
artisans.  Before that could happen at court yesterday, the microburst 
came through, and the drawing...uh...did not happen at court.  I guarded 
the tickets with my body and kept them dry, and since I had a waterproof 
container to transfer them to, I sat in the bathhouse and did so.  The 
drawing actually occurred in the remains of my camp across from the 
battlefield, a short time later.  His Highness Damien, in front of a 
number of Three Rivers witnesses, drew the winning ticket.  Antonia of 
Heraldshill was the lucky winner.  I tracked her down, and thankfully 
she and her lord husband had been only minimally affected by the 
weather.  She was quite thrilled, and when I parted company with them 
they were going to go collect their winnings from Master Grimwulf's shop.

The items had been carefully packed into the feast gear box, but the box 
fell off a bench when Grimwulf's merchant fly went down.  As far as 
could be told without unpacking the entire box, the items inside were 
wet but intact.  I will post later on the amount of money we raised 
(some of which has yet to get to the kingdom treasurer as most of us in 
the Wind Tunnel of God became homeless in the storm), but I know we 
topped $4000.  Thank you Calontir!

Please forward this to any and all local lists, so people have the info.

In service,