We, THE, and Catastrophic, Top Dog and Pretty Lady of Calontir, wish to HARPy upon the stuff done by the sHARPyEST dressed Huscarl, the HARPY who done broke the Broken HARPy by drinking it dry, or sew it seems.  'Cuz what she drank has given Us a hangover and what she has done has given Us a /hangover/ (lined out) Party where ever she walks, We gots to say that Cassandra Peverall-for-one-and-one-for-all really ought to be an OAF 'cuz there are few lower than her, espekally whe she is sleeping in ditches.  So We lower her that way and raise her to be one of those the kingdom looks to whey searching for frivolity.  Done on the 14 June, AS 48 when sky go BOOM at Lilies.


THE iii        Catalina

Top Dog      Pretty Lady


The text and kakagraphy (classic hatchet-hand) were done by AndrixOAF.  The illumination, including a Royal seal with a ball on its nose, an anatomically correct Harpy, a Unibronee (My Little Pony as a Unicorn) puking rainbows and cupcakes, and dinosaurs producing fewments, was done by Mistress Fionualla, Lady Sibylla, and Lord Hans.