There was no such blanket found in the merchant area on closing Sunday.  I have about half of the lost and found, and there was no blanket.

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On 6/20/2013 3:24 PM, Aline Swynbrook wrote:
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Cross posting from the Calontir FB group for an Ansteorran visitor to the war:

"Small Minor relative to most everything very unimportant. However, it means something to me, I lost a baby blanket at Lilies. If it had been commercially available I wouldn't have even thought twice, but this blanket was made for me. It is pink print on one side with elephants in various soft pink, green and yellows in a row on the other. It is about 45" by one yard in size, lost it Wednesday night during my shopping spree in Merchants row. If it could find its way back I would really appreciate it!"

I know the poster.  If anyone has this and could email me, I will help get it returned to her.