I thought some folks here might be interested in this.

Date: Sun, 02 Jun 2013 17:33:26 +1000
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Subject: [Lochac] Reprint of 'Before the Mast' announced
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Oxbow books/David Brown have just announced on their blog that they are 
reprinting 'Before the Mast' for the Mary Rose Trust, and are accepting 
pre-orders at a discounted price.

This is good news for most re-enactors as it covers woodware as well as 
clothing, food and all the minutae from the Mary Rose wreck including 
the largest single group of accurately dateable chests found to date.

Brusi Of Orkney

further comments on the list:
<<< It's a splendid book, whether your interest is maritime, Tudor lifestyle,
archaeology or just making cool stuff. The photographs and diagrams are
excellent and there is wonderful commentary from a wide range of experts. A
discount price was probably the only thing missing ;-) >>>

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