I know that this won't help you for this weekend, but I thinking that perhaps some other folks, either new to the SCA or new to having kids, might find this useful.

Here are some files in the Florilegium on clothing for children.
child-clothes-msg (40K) 5/12/11 Period and SCA children's clothing.

Chld-Costumes-art (12K) 9/21/08 "Children's Costumes at SCA Events - a personal testimonial" by Mistress Ælflæd of Duckford.

Kindergarb-art (12K) 1/12/03 Thoughts on making children's clothing by Lady Hrosvitha von Celle.

And for the smaller ones:
babies-msg (124K) 12/ 1/11 Camping with babies.

feedng-tddlrs-msg (10K) 9/28/09 Feeding toddlers at SCA events.

toddlr-tethrs-msg (14K) 4/29/09 Use of tethers/"leading strings" to control toddlers in period and the SCA.

I hope this is of use.


On Jun 5, 2013, at 8:03 PM, T.D. Gillaspy <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Does anyone have some little girl garb for a 18 to 24 month old? I have been so swamped at work, I have not had time to make Kari any garb. I only need a couple of pieces, fir the first weekend...
> Otoshi
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