It sounds like you now have, or will have a copy of the article that you seek.

Unfortunately, being copyrighted, this isn't something I can add to the Florilegium.

However, and I realize this is a long term project, if you would be willing to write up a summary of your research and a how-to or a report on what you do (did) to recreate this saddle, I'd love to add it to the Florilegium so that others can make use of it.

My standard policy is that the copyright remains with the author and I will accept updates at any time.

Here is what I currently have in the EQUESTRIAN section on saddles. 
p-saddle-bags-msg (12K) 8/ 6/11 Period saddle bags. The ways items were carried on horses.

saddles-msg (12K) 11/26/04 Period saddles. Saddles for SCA use.

Sadle-Blankts-art (20K) 11/ 8/08 "Treasures Under the Saddle (16th Century Persian Saddle Blanket)" by The Honorable
Lady Maria de Andalusia.

Stirrups-Hist-art (30K) 4/ 8/08 "A Short History Of Equestrian Stirrups" by The Honorable Lady Maria de Andalusia.


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> Does anyone have access to I am looking for a paper called: reconstruction of a saddle Merovingienne e association I u edhnar valland: issue 3 January/ Febuary 2013  looking to build this saddle. 
> Seathrun. 

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