Greetings all!

Now that Lilies has passed, I'm sure you saw people doing real neat things and are just itching to send in an award recommendation, right?

But wait?! You don't know if they have that award? Go check out the OP:
You can search by name, group, award. But - the search is only as good as the information available to the OP Clerk, HL Ailith Bystoune.

To help her job (and those looking for YOU) go to the OP and search for your name (often, first/common name is best). Review your listing. See something incorrect? No worries! Copy the web address of your name (will look something like this and send an e-mail by clicking the link at the bottom that says "Report Errors". And then, let HL Ailith know what is missing or needs correcting. It has only been updated through April, so the most recent awards may be missing. But you can still help her by double-checking the spelling of your name (do you have another name you went by at one time?) and your Home Group. 

When you're done with that, go search for those people you saw teaching/helping/fighting/shooting at Lilies and send in that recommendation you've been holding onto. ;-)

Ever in Service,

Eowyth ža Sišend