I first want to thank everyone that has made donations thus far.  I we getting near our first goal to send 3 people to Pennsic and would like to be able to send 6.  

Master Alan of Darkdale has issue a challenge to help people go.  He asks
everyone to donate at this rate $2.50 for each AOA and $5.00 for each GOA
and $10.00 for POA and additional awards.  Please help us send some other
new people to experience being part of the Calon Host at a foreign war.

Please assist me in helping the Highness's to expand our host at Pennsic.
 The amount donated to each person that year was $200.00.  So as I am sure
you will do dig deep and lets send the new fledgling falcons to war.


We are putting on an auction at Coronation and I am still looking for some donations to raise funds for this venture.  Please contact me regarding this.

Thank you

Yours in Service to Crown and Kingdom

Gyula Zsigmond Szekely