Honnecourt was the one my prof told us about.

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Which one was it?

Villard left a great deal of drawings and plans for major churches and cathedrals as well as the designs for tools, scaffolds and hoisting machines to build them.

I had an architectural & engineering firm that I supported for PC, network and AutoCad in the 80's and 90's.  On several occassions we had discussions about architects and the legacy of their work being their moumments.

We don't build enough cathedrals these days

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> Rheims Church of Saint Nicaise Master Hue Libergie buried in the church
> he built
> Stone now in the Catherdal
> "here lies Matrie Hue Libergie who began this church in 1229 and who
> departed this life in the year 1267"
> What I can not find tonight is the images of Master Villard de
> Honnecourt tombstone effigy which I believe may contain that phrase.
> Still looking for two more books
> Hugh
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> > When I was an undergrad, my medieval civ professor told a story about an architect who would sign his buildings.
> >
> > Gerald the Herald would quote this architect when announcing who made a scroll that was presented in court.
> >
> > The quote is "... did this thing. " The problem is I can't remember the architect's name.
> >
> > Anybody know who this is?
> >
> > Murd
> >