Calontir, My Kingdom, My Joy, My Heart, 
Words fail me on how to express what being your Queen at Lilies War has meant to me. 
I bravely strode onto the field of opening court to find my King, Our King was able to surprise us all. 
I watched our great Kingdom fight and shoot and sing and dance and teach and sew and cook and swim and make merry. 
I saw my friends work hard at what they love, so that others could find the joy of being Calontiri. 
I kissed our King, I shot with our Bees, I danced with our Wings, I sang with our Bards, I reveled with our Brewers, I served water with to comrades, I sailed with our Navy, I watched fireworks with our Cousins, I played with our Children (the best children in the known world), I cried with tears of joy as I sang around the fire. 
My Kingdom, My Calontir, all of YOU,
Thank you, from the depths of my soul,

Queen Catalina de Arazuri