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Date: Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 11:13 PM
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This was penned by my foster apprentice sister...
Brad Moore 11:13pm Jun 16
This was penned by my foster apprentice sister Aline Swynbrook this afternoon, following HRM Jon the Tall rescuing a number of the populace of the Kingdom of Calontir from a potential catastrophe at The War of the Lilies. A major storm, with 70+mph winds swept in from nowhere during Royal court. The massive pavilion the court had assembled under began to fail in the winds, and one of the great timbers shook loose and began to fall. HRM Jon stood and caught the timber on his shoulder and held it fast, preventing several small children from being crushed. Here is THL Aline's song, in fine Calon tradition:

Big Tall Jon

Friday morning at the war, they could see him arrive.
He stood 6 foot 9, weighed 275.
Kind of broad at the shoulders, with arms of great might.
And all knew he'd be a hell of a fight, this Big Jon.

Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Tall Jon
Big Jon

Everybody seemed to know where Jon called home
Down in Gleann Abhann where the gators roam,
He didn't say much, as he surveyed the field
And when he threw a good blow, his opponents would always yield, to Big Jon.
Somebody said he came from Small Grey Bear,
Where he fought in Crown to make Emma Queen.
Now he sat the throne and was well loved in the land
And so he came to Lilies to lends the Calons a hand.

Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Tall Jon
Big Jon

Then came the day at closing court in a great large tent
When the lightning flashed and the sky was rent.
Poles started swaying, and started to fall
and everybody thought they had seen their all
cept' Jon.
Through the wind and rain of that awful storm
walked a king of a man and stood up to Thor
Grabbed a falling pole and shouldered it firm
and like a giant oak tree he just stood there determine, Big Jon.

Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Tall Jon
Big Jon

And with his strength, he kept that tent in the sky
As the populace and the children went running by
And he stood firm, though the pole was trying to shake
Like a tower riding out an earthquake, Big Jon.
After a while, the winds all calmed down
And his Majesty set the pole on the ground.
And his strength had saved many that day
When he held against Thor til the storms passed away, did Big Jon

Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Tall Jon
Big Jon

Now tents were lost all over the site,
And many retreated to inns for the night
When all headed home, Her Highness Isabell proclaimed,
'Gleann Abhann's King deserves great word fame, Big Jon'

Big Jon
Big Jon
Big Tall Jon D Tall
Big Jon.

Rebecca Williams von Groote

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