Her Highness mentioned that I had made a proposal for a tribute to Master Pavel at Pennsic.  Now that I have some basic details worked out here it is.

The Calontir Army, and the spirit of camaraderie that fuels it, is the greatest tribute to Pavel that shall last long after this Pennsic.  But for this year’s War, we shall do this:  Fifteen cloth scutum covers shall be made, each bearing the Arms: Vert, a pale cotised argent, overall a wren close proper. And for augmentation, on a canton purpure a cross of Calatrava Or.  We will fight, for one war, behind shields marked not with a Falcon, but with a Wren.

One shield shall be left uncovered, Pavel’s.  It shall be used every battle, traded off as much as possible through resurrections, and held aloft while  marching to and from the battlefield, and given a place of honor within the Royal Pavilion.

One Pennsic, staggering home from an exhausting yet successful Bridge Battle, he turned to me and said, “Well, I have justified my existence for another year.”