One of the proudest days of my life was raising Pavel to the Chivalry before his Shield Wall on the Lilies field.  One of the saddest is today.   I will be proud to pour your cup when I reach Valhalla, old friend . . .
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> He was one of the first people to welcome me to the SCA at my first event
> some 20-odd years ago. He will be missed.
> Baine
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> O, People of the Heartlands, fullest of woe is the news I bring you this
> night. The Mason of Calontir's Shield Wall, the Doctor of Armies, Master
> Pavel Iosevich died this evening of a massive heart attack. We are assured
> that he did not suffer.
> I will let all know arrangements as they develop.
> Lift a glass or a song in his honor. And always, cherish the goob.
> Andrixos
> Honored to be his friend
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