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> On 6/22/2013 12:57 PM, Steven Boyd wrote:
>> Her Highness mentioned that I had made a proposal for a tribute to Master Pavel at Pennsic.  Now that I have some basic details worked out here it is
I think that is a wonderful tribute.

Is there still a Pennsic newsletter? (It's been several years since I could afford to make Pennsic. Now it depends upon me getting a new kidney :-) )

If there is, please see if you can get one of two write-ups through the time of Pennsic so that other folks will know what and why this is being done.

> You know, I think the party needs to be a Pavel remembrance too.  Like egg rolls, 
> gin & tonic, a token amount of local bad beer ("Houghdepough Gold, the one beer to have when you're having more than one!",  the entertainment should including beating a king-shaped quintain with a traffic cone--and trying to get out of the  way of the return stroke.
> Kirk

Okay, these are obviously based on some Pavel stories I've not heard. Would someone like to enlighten me?

The main story I remember is about Pavel being hit by? close hit by?  lightening, at I think, Lilies.


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