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Her Highness mentioned that I had made a proposal for a tribute to Master Pavel at Pennsic.  Now that I have some basic details worked out here it is

I think that is a wonderful tribute.

Is there still a Pennsic newsletter? (It's been several years since I could afford to make Pennsic. Now it depends upon me getting a new kidney :-) )

If there is, please see if you can get one of two write-ups through the time of Pennsic so that other folks will know what and why this is being done.

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You know, I think the party needs to be a Pavel remembrance too.  Like egg rolls,
gin & tonic, a token amount of local bad beer ("Houghdepough Gold, the one beer to have when you're having more than one!",  the entertainment should including beating a king-shaped quintain with a traffic cone--and trying to get out of the  way of the return stroke.


Okay, these are obviously based on some Pavel stories I've not heard. Would someone like to enlighten me?

The main story I remember is about Pavel being hit by? close hit by?  lightening, at I think, Lilies.


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