I apologize for the commercial nature of the post, but I felt there might be a few interested parties on the Calontir list.

After this Lilies, my wife and I have come to the conclusion that our tent is just too darn big for two people who are not merchants. So I am offering a Tentsmiths Square Marquee for sale.

The tent is a 19'8" by 19'8" square marquee made with the flame retardant Sunforger canvas. It has 7-foot walls (with mud flaps), two doors, and a roof vent (very nice in hot weather). It was purchased in 2008, and has only been used three times at Lilies. The canvas is in great shape and is totally watertight (we experienced the thunderstorm on the opening Saturday night, but had the tent down, rolled up, and on the trailer during the terrible storm at court on the closing Saturday).

In addition, I have a Panther Primatives Super Ground Cloth (the blue plastic bottom sewn into a Sunforger canvas top. It is either 19 by 19 or 19 1/2 by 19 1/2 (I need to unroll it and measure it), but it does cover the mud flaps on the walls in all four directions.

I am asking $1,350 which is about half of the current retail price of the tent and ground cloth. This is a package deal for the canvas and ground cloth only, no poles, no ropes, no stakes.

You can contact me through my email address:

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Best Regards,
HL Cionaodh na Caircce mac Cosgraigh