Greetings!  As you pack for Lilies, remember that this is a great time to face off with many of your Calontir bretheran, and a perfect opportunity to check off many names in your Behourd books.  

The Behourd is the year long challenge that was kicked off at Cattle Raids last year, and will be concluded at Cattle Raids 2013.  The idea is to fight, in single combat, as many other Calontiri as you can.  The fighter that has crossed the greatest number of other fighters in single combat will be awarded a prize, as well as the MAA and Fyrdmen with the highest counts.  His Excellency Randwulf has the forge hot, and will be creating the prizes for the Behourd. They are glorious!

Even if you haven't started the Behourd, it isn't too late!  Summer is here, and opportunities to fight abound.  

Booklets and more info can be found at

Baroness of Mag Mor