Me and Isabeau will be attending the gathering.

Carlos and Isabeau
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Subject: [MAGMOR] Thank You Mag Mor!
Date: Tue, Jun 18, 2013 10:50 AM
Greetings to the Citizens of Mag Mor, from 
Seraphina and Randwulf.

Lilies has passed, bringing a brief hiatus from our 
very busy spring!  We are humbled and in awe of the generosity of our 
Barony.  The time and effort that went into making James Arthur, Newcomers 
and the Pas at Lilies such great sucesses is inspiring!  

All of you go out of your ways to serve Kingdom and 
Barony.  You work tirelessly to represent Mag Mor in such great 
light.   As a small Thank You, we invite you all to join us at 
St. Marks on June 26th at Gathering.    We would be honored if 
you would join us in breaking bread.  Dinner will be served at 7:00 SCA 
standard time.  Please bring your smiles, your stories, and enjoy an 
evening of relaxation!  All else will be provided.

We are so proud to call Mag Mor home.

Randwulf and Seraphina
Baron and Baroness of Mag Mor

On the Menu:
Green salad
Garlic Bread

Cheese pizza will be available for 

An approximate head count would be appreciated in 
order to prepare.