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*GNSI-NW: Draped Fabric Workshop 
EVENT DATE:* July 27, 2013, 12:00pm - 5:30pm
*Location:* Greenlake Library
Drawing draped fabric will be the topic, translating well to drawing 
flower petals and other botanical images. Enrollment limited to 16 
because of table space.

*AAS Scientific Illustration Course 
EVENT DATE:* July 28 - August 3, 2013
*Location:* QRanch - Young, Arizona
Students will learn the importance and value of scientific illustration 
and have the opportunity to illustrate artifacts and cultural features 
from Q Ranch.

*Digital Skills for Illustrators Workshop 
*Event Date:* August 3 - 4, 2013
*Location:* Lane Community College, Eugene OR
/This workshop is open to the public but has a limited class size./
*Fee: *GNSI national and GNSI Chapter and Oregon Group members - $85, 
Non-GNSI members - $100
*/Registrations due by Friday June 28/*
Have you wondered how to get your artwork into a form for making exhibit 
entries, cards and giclee prints? Or do you need to really dig into 
using the most common digital tools for illustrators? This workshop is 
specifically designed for science illustrators and will be taught by 
Amadeo Bachar, a digital media instructor for the famous Scientific 
Illustration Program at California State University Monterey Bay.

*Illustration for Education and Programming 
*Event Date:* August 5 - 7, 2013
*Location:* Campbell Center, Mt Carroll, IL
*Fee: *$715
Team-taught by *Peggy MacNamara* and *Dan Brinkmeier*, scientific 
illustrators and studio artists with a long professional association 
with Chicago's Field Museum. This four-day course combines conceptual 
and thematic instruction, art history, and skill development through 
technical drawing and visualization of natural science concepts.


*GNSI Great Lakes - Fall 2013 Fernwood Exhibit 
*Submission Deadline:* September 2, 2013
The recent Great Lakes Chapter Spring Exhibit at Fernwood was a great 
success! Fernwood Nature Center and Botanical Gardens in Niles, MI, is a 
beautiful venue, both inside and out, and they have a lovely exhibit 
gallery. The Center has once again extended an invitation for GNSI 
members in the Great Lakes region (see below) to exhibit. The curator, 
Kathleen Keisselbach, says they are planning a Halloween education 
program about monsters in the garden, so fall botanical subjects, 
critters and birds eating prey and showing teeth, beaks, etc. as well as 
skulls and skeletons would enhance the exhibit.


      *Plants, Birds & Pollinators Art Serving Science
      *ENTRY SUBMISSION BEGINS* in July and closes August 5, 2013. /Mark
      your calendar and plan an entry!/
      The Denver Botanic Gardens and the GNSI are pleased to announce a
      premier juried exhibition opportunity for GNSI members only,
      highlighting the subject matter of plants, birds, and pollinators.


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      Ride and travel suggestions for 2013 conference
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      Can a Visual effects major go into doing 3d animations for
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Book Review: The Laws Guide to Drawing Birds 

Book Review: Unfeathered Birds 

Handy iPad Holder 

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