Hi Anne: I agree. We need to refresh our love of drawing every chance we get. However as a business person - Time is Money - and it's just another tool to get us there faster. I use any tool that will help, but not to the loss of my skills developed over a long time. I can't give those up.  If we foster the love of hand drawing, share it, encourage it, then it will not be lost. There will always be people who use tracing methods and it may become their "style". Even in fine art the frequency in which photos are directly duplicated is common. I deeply believe that those who keep at it, keep drawing, will never lose it, it is up to the individual to nourish it. 
A tool is a tool is a tool... they come and go. Drawing Skills Last!

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On Jun 4, 2013, at 11:43 AM, Anne Runyon wrote:

Cool gadget, yes, but ...  More robots ... More zombies ... Where is the heart and soul of “life drawing” art going?
When I taught drawing/design as a grad student at U of Minnesota back in the last century (1976, I think it was)
my students did an exercise in tracing, they drew what was observed out the window on the window, or on a piece of tracing paper held against the window, and it helped with understanding contour drawing ...
But this neo camera lucida just adds another tempting electronic gadget to “speed things up”.
To learn to draw requires slowing down and practicing your hand-eye co-ordination.
Well, the end justifies the means in commercial art and such ... damn the torpedoes (from old folks like me) and full speed ahead.
.... but if you ever feel the yen to draw directly from life with your own bare hands ... slow down, study those ancient cave paintings ... and have fun.


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