Thank you, Jim! 

I think something like this just may work. $200 bucks is doable (is that a word now?)... 
I like the USB and Firewire capabilities. 

I have four exterior backups for my own work, and as they get larger in size (through the years) I make duplicates of the oldest drive, then partition for new work. I had software once that re-wrote all the new stuff over the old stuff, and I didn't like that. Sometimes I need the old stuff. 

Three of the oldest reside in the bank box, with the latest ready to go in the Evacuation Box.
I use Time Machine on the lastest drive, that's sure easy. 

I shall check into this.
It's very much appreciated.
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On Jun 19, 2013, at 9:07 AM, James A Perkins wrote:

> Hi Linda,
> Ironically, I had just ordered a new 2TB hard drive on the day you sent your message. I got a Western Digital My Passport Studio portable drive with USB and two Firewire 800 ports. I like the fact that it has two Firewire ports so I can put it in a daisy chain with my existing LaCie Firewire drive. My computer does have Thunderbolt, but Thunderbolt drives are a good bit more expensive. I also need the ability to move this drive between home and school. Not all of the school computers have Thunderbolt but they all have either USB or Firewire.
> This particular drive comes formatted for Mac (HFS+). You can use any drive with your Mac, but you may have to reformat it if it's set up for Windows.
> The drive was $199 at NewEgg and includes both the USB and Firewire cables, which saves you a few bucks. Many drives don't include the cable(s). I noticed in my shopping that you can easily find a 2TB drive for under $100 if you get one with just a USB 2.0 connection.
> As for backups, I have the external LaCie drive plus a subscription to Carbonite for an offsite/cloud backup. I also burn DVD's periodically, although I'm long overdue. Can never have too many backups. This new drive is specifically for a bunch of videos I'm recording for school.
> Jim

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