Thank you all for your comments. 
I just don't keep up with the latest technology, and really appreciate the information you all share!

Bruce: Fire Season. It's here, and all over the west. I have an Evacuation Box sitting by the door, that holds the items that would be most missed. I get one whiff of wildfire on the breeze and all my senses are alert. Other stuff is already in the bank box, like 3 of my backup drives. One stays here. speaking of which....I need to backup again!

Like Gail says, you can't have enough backups!

Thank you All.
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On Jun 18, 2013, at 6:36 PM, Gail Guth wrote:

you can't have enough backups! I keep my 2T drive in storage just in case. Assuming storage doesn't blow away too! But Cloud backup is another good option. I have multiple DVD's, two desktop drives, and the 2T drive. i figure SOMEWHERE in all that I'll be able to find what I want.



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