Dear Auke:

Here is the chapter I authored with Claudio Ruy and David Mellow. I will warn you that it was published without my final edits, so there are large sections missing--many missing figures and tables, quite frustrating. I am thinking of republishing in English with the corrections.

If you give me a few days, I will scan the other chapters for you also.

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Dear all,

Would somebody be able to help me with a pdf of (parts of) the following book?

Fonseca, C. R. V., Magalhaes, C. U., Rafael, J. A. and Franklin, E. A. A Fauna de Artrópodes da Reserva Florestal Ducke: estudo atual do conhecimento taxonômico e biológico. Manaus. Editora INPA.

This book contains the following articles I’m especially interested in, although it may contain some other useful articles that I’m not yet aware of:

Barbosa M. G. V. & Fonseca C. R. V. 2009 – Riqueza e Abundância de espécies de Coleoptera de serapilheira da Reserva Ducke. p. 295-305.

Fonseca C. R. V. 2009 – Passalidae. p. 127-136.

Vulinec K., Fonseca C. R. V. & Mellow D. J. 2009 – Scarabaeidae coprófagos da Reserva Florestal Ducke, Manaus, Brasil. p. 249-261.

Best regards,

Auke Hielkema

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