Hi everyone,

Hope you are all doing well and are starting to think about this November
and being a part of the upcoming meeting in Austin, Texas.

Following last years incident with hotel rooms, we have decided to work
with ESA and make sure to secure some hotel rooms for the duration of the

The ESA housing website opens today, Wednesday, June 12 and I encourage you
to make your room reservations as soon as possible. In order to secure your
room for the ECN meeting, please make sure to go to the following link:

Once you are securing your reservation, use the following access code to
ensure that ESA can reserve the appropriate rooms (see screen shots
attached): ESAECN1113

ESA has set aside 50 rooms for us, so please make sure to use this access
code if you are getting a room through the ESA website for the meeting.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Hope to see you all in November!

Take care,