I had already completed the registration process before Pam emailed the code.  As a test, I tried again WITH the code because a colleague here was having trouble using it and something definitely seems to be wrong with the code (or more likely the registration website's connection between the code and the reserved block of rooms).  

My first attempt to register rooms for the ECN and ESA meetings went perfectly smoothly when I didn't try to use the code.  I just logged in as an Attendee arriving on Friday and leaving on Thursday.  No problems at all.


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I had a similar problem.

Jeff Barnes

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> Note that if you use the "ESAECN1113" code and try to book for the whole week of ECN-ESA, the web site will say no rooms are available. The ESAECN1113 code seems to work only for Nov. 8-10, and only pulls up 3 of the 5 ESA hotels. At least that was my experience this afternoon.
> I booked the Radisson for the week without using the ESAECN1113 code.
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